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Login, Help and FAQ. Check your Mygiftcardsite balance, or register a Mastercard or Visa prepaid gift card.

Card owners should register your prepaid card for online purchases, and view past payments by accessing your prepaid card account from your mobile phone or home computer.

MyGiftCardSite is a prepaid debit card service for customers in possession of a U.S. Bank Gift Card, such as a prepaid Visa Card. The website allows users to register their prepaid credit card and gain access to a variety of controls as a result.

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MyGiftCardSite Registration.

How Do I Register my PrepaidCard on the MyGiftCardSite Website?

After registering a card, customers are able to access their current card balance, as well as statements detailing where and when they have used the card. Registering also allows users to make purchases via the internet, telephone order and mail order.

To register a Mastercard prepaid gift card with the MyGiftCardSite service, you must first go to the main website at: On the main page, you should see a login form, which requests your card number and card security code. Both of these numbers can be found on the prepaid card. The security code is found on the back.

Once you have entered your card number and security code, you will also need to insert a captcha code, which will be provided on the screen, before clicking ‘Log In’. From there, you will be able to compete the sign up process and register your card with the service by entering the personal information that is requested.

The default language for the sign up process is English. However, it is also available in Spanish and this can be accessed by clicking on the link labelled ‘En Español’, which can be found on the main homepage.

MyGiftCardSite Login.

How do I log in to my MyGiftCardSite account?

You do not have to register your account before logging in to your prepaid card account.

  • To login to your Mygiftcardsite account, go to the official sign in page at
  • Enter your card number, the long number found on the front of the card, and the card security number, the 3-digit number found on the back of the card.
  • You will also need to enter the captcha code displayed on screen.
  • If the Captcha code does not work, you can reload a new capcha code by clicking on the round arrows symbol.
  • Upon clicking the ‘Log In’ button at the bottom of the form, you should gain access to your account and the various options that are available.

Again, if you need to change the language to Spanish, simply click on the ‘En Español’ link on the homepage before completing the login process.

Go to in your browser’s url address bar. Entering Https:// (with Https instead of Http) will return an error message.

MyGiftCardSite Login Problems.

I cannot log In to my My Gift Card Site Account. What could the problem be?

On occasion, users may run into problems when attempting to log in to their MyGiftCardSite account. However, in the vast majority of cases, there is a simple explanation and an easy solution. It is, therefore, usually a matter of running through a checklist of potential issues until the cause and solution are found.

First, go to the official login page at If you type in in the url address of your browser, you will get re-directed to this page.

However, if you write (with HTTPS instead of HTTP), you will get an error message.


The US Bank Gift Card: Enter the 16 digit card number on the front of the card in the first box, without any spaces. Check the expiration date. Then, enter the 3 digit security code from the back of the card in the second box.

A common problem is entering the wrong login credentials, so you should pay close attention when signing in and lookout for any possible typing errors.Mare sure that you enter the full card number on the front of the card, without any spaces between the numbers.

In some instances, you may also need to refresh the captcha code in order to get it to appear. This code needs to be reproduced exactly, with no spaces, in the box provided. So, check that your keyboard CAPS LOCK button is in the OFF position.

If you are sure you are entering the correct details, check that your internet connection is definitely working. The easiest and quickest way to do this is to open up a new tab on your browser and try to load another website.

Crucially, the MyGiftCardSite makes use of pop-up boxes during the login process. This means that users running a pop-up ad blocker may run into difficulties and need to either disable the blocker, or set an exception for the MyGiftCardSite URL. In some cases, web browsers may block pop-ups automatically, in which case it may be necessary to try a different web browser entirely, or even a different device, in order to gain access.

Users who continue to experience problems are advised to call the customer service phone number, in order to gain expert assistance. The number for doing so can be found at the bottom of this page.

MyGiftCardSite Balance Check.

How do I check my MyGiftCardSite balance from my home computer or with my mobile phone?

The most common reason for signing in is to perform a MyGiftCardSite balance check and fortunately, the procedure for this is extremely simple

How to check your Mygiftcardsite balance:

Check your balance by signing in to your account:

To check your balance, visit  the official login page at

Enter your Card Number and your Card Security Number.

After successfully signing in, you will be presented with your balance and account information on the screen.

Check your balance by phone:

If you are having problems accessing your account, or are unable to get online, you can also perform a balance check by calling the toll-free customer service line on: 1-866-952-5653. Best of all, this number is available on a 24-hour basis, meaning you can call it and perform a balance check at any time.

MyGiftCardSite Contact Information.

Customers who have issues with the registration process, or who need to speak to the customer service department for any other reason can reach them via the toll-free telephone number on: 1-866-952-5653.

The same phone number can also be used to check the current card balance over the phone, and to report a card as either lost or stolen. Cards can be replaced for a fee of $5.95, and this can be arranged over the phone, as long as you are able to provide your name, gift card number and a basic history of transactions on the card.

Add any complaints, problems or questions in the comment section below this page.

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    Thanks for the info. I thought I was going mad, couldn’t open www

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    I have not been able to register or log in my prepaid Visa card. It states that this card is unable to be used ☹️😤

  • Joanne says:

    I have not been able to register or log in to my prepaid Visa card either. I have called 7 times today and I am unable to get any assistance at all. This is ridiculous. The support offered is a joke. Hopefully someone can find the time to answer me because there is certainly no help at the 1-866 number.

  • Brian hills says:

    I can’t register my card and I can’t get a balance.

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    I can’t register my card and I can’t get a balance.

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    This card stinks, I will never purchase these again or accept as gifts!
    Could not use full amount bc they wanted to add gratuity at a restaurant.. only thing we were not being served I was buying items! So I couldn’t use my full amount and had to call and have it approved! A joke!

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    is hard to login and access card ? hard time. I dont have a step by step guide to do it

  • Farkhunda says:

    I got Visa card as gift, forgot I had it, yesterday while cleaning a drawer found my card, it was expired, called customer service, was told this card doesn’t exist, even though I opened the envelope while representative could hear me tearing up the outer seal. Bottom line they were not cooperative, I will never buy their cards or accept it as gift cards, every time you turn around there is a fee, even fee for not using the card. This company is ripoff.

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